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What goes into a WordPress Website?

What goes into a Wordpress Website?

A basic wordpress website can be built by anyone who has basic knowledge of writing a word document or sending an email, but for an actual WordPress website that works well for you the client, there is a lot of work involved.

Web Hosting

  • You’re going to need a suitable web host, personally I use one in the USA with European data centres for fast connections to my customers, also I prefer to use a cPanel and have top notch customer support should anything ever go wrong.

Domain Name

  • Your name on the World Wide Web ie, cornish connect is

WordPress latest build

  • Installation of the latest WordPress, some web hosts have dedicated services just for WordPress websites but you dont need it, instead a web host that allows custom installations.

SSL Certificate

  • The little padlock icon at the top of the page near the www. – This is so information people enter on your website is safe. – not just banking and card payments but also if a user uploads photos or writes you an email etc.

Backup System

  • An automatic backup system for your website in case the server your hosting on ever fails, I have this on all our own and client websites plus we also do this manually every time a new article or update is generated by us.

Resized Photos

  • Big photos will mean your website will load slower, you need to resize your websites images, especially if you have a lot of photos ie an e-commerce store.


  • Plugins go hand in hand with a WordPress website, you need plugins to do certain tasks, ie a contact form, a shopping cart, a membership area, seo, advertising, caching and many many more.

Theme or Page Builder

  • Are you going to use a page builder or a theme ? WordPress website builders start from £40 a year, themes can cost upwards of £69 each. – Youre lucky tho, we have many licences for both themes and page builders because we have already bought developer licences when we first started out. Also you will want to ensure your website is responsive as in it displays perfectly across all devices that connect to your website, smartphones, tablets, laptops etc

Put everything together, do any tweaking, use a web developer if you need one, register with the search engines and more.

That’s just the beginning, we hope this encourages you to either start your own website using WordPress or to approach for us to do the work for you. If you have any questions, please be sure to comment below.