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Our Thoughts on the Epson Eco Tank Printing System

Epson Eco Tank Printer System

As a small business, having access to a printer that does not require ink cartridges not only saves money in the long run but also means to refill just one colour we can do ir for about £10 each time, we have been using Epson Eco Tank printers for many years now, starting with an all in one A4 and now an all in one A3, yes the printers are expensive to begin with but they soon start to pay for themselves.

There is a steep learning curve with them tho, especially when it comes down to printing photos, a lot of times the photos will come out too dark, the secret is to print directly using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, also the Epson we have – ET-7750 does require some maintenance that you wont find in the user manual.

If you ever get streaks of ink down the side of your prints or ink spots, you need to manually access the ink pad underneath the printer head and manually clean the excess ink away. (Its not a pleasant job but can be done in no time).

Having wireless is great, there are apps available for Apple and Android smartphones, you can also manually wire the printer but thats time consuming and a pain trailing cables up over doors etc.

I would be interested to know what other brands of ink tank printers were like, I know Canon also do a version.

Anyways comments below please.