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So you have a camera of some description yet do not yet have the skills mastered enough to capture the images you want? Thats normal, we all have to start somewhere, I have been doing photography way before digital came about, back then 35mm film format, I remember waiting long periods of time to get the images from the developer and you always got the next film for free.

Thankfully digital is here, dont bin your old film gear just yet tho as some of it can be very valuable and some of it can also be used with your current equipment, it all depends what you have or intend to upgrade too.

Digtial is the way forward and even smartphones take stunning images also, I left Apple in 2018 and now use Android, I use a Huawei and this shoots exceptional images and even offers me a pro mode that offers full manual and RAW format too, its crazy but its true.

So depending on what you want to do next will depend on what I can offer you, I offer 1-1 and Group Bookings but also Online Tuition, each and everyone that learns with me gets their very own login to this website so they can upload new images, get reports on their work, chat to others that are learning also and get to meet new people in the process and so much more also. 

Ready to start taking your photography more seriously or learn new tricks ? Great.. 

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