Drone Photography

Stunning and beautiful images of your home, work place, favourite place, boat and more, high from above using our DJI Drone, to date we have taken images for local businesses and churches, the latter to check for guttering and any roof damages. 

The good thing is no scaffolding is required, we can get our drone up to approx 400ft in a matter of seconds, we record both video and images in very high resolution. 

Land and Seascape Images

As seen here of Cot Valley in West Cornwall. The drone is up at about 250ft, there was no one else around, the sea in multiple shades of blue, wind calm and we had clearance from Lands End airport to take off, and we did, the result here if all the proof you need, these came in at a resolution of 6000px (pixels on the wide side).

Cot Valley via Drone

Tedburn St Mary from above

After hearing concerns from locals at Tedburn St Mary, we immediately offered our services to use our drone to capture images of their roof – after they were told they needed a new roof we soon found out they did not.

We were glad to be able to offer assistance to a local need.  

Mount Gould Methodist Church, Plymouth