How does the user friendly DJI Mavic Mini do on its maiden flight?

Lawrie Richardson

Lawrie Richardson

The Boss!

I can’t beleive its taken me so damn long to update you all on how I got on with the DJI Mavic Mini, some of you might like to know I have got a drone for photography, currently the drone is classed as a toy, this is due to the weight being just 249g, although saying this, the drone I went for has a range of two miles, yep.. miles.

DJI made this drone to keep within the laws, this drone is lots of things, a toy it certainly is not.

Thne Maiden Flight – between the rain showers on Minehead Beach.

Looking down towards the ‘Big Top’ and the main road, Minehead, Somerset (Yep thats me, the black dot on the steps).
Butlins in Minehead, image taken about 50ft above the beach.
Minehead Town from above the Beach, Somerset

Anyway, overall this little eye on the sky is by far the best drone I have ever piloted, and Yeah its registered as am I as a UAV pilot.

Anyway more to come in due course, I have a few places lined up including the Plymouth area including Mount Gould, Plymouth Hoe, Crediton and more.

Stay safe, stay well.

Any questions, just ask!.


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