Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement Notices Sent – Its the right thing to do!

Lawrie Richardson

Lawrie Richardson

The Boss!

If you would like to use any of our content, all you need to do is ask for permission, instead if you just take without our consent you can expect to find an email bouncing down along your way soon. Initially we will ask for removal or full credits to be added to the image.

ie Cornish Connect / Lawrie Richardson and a link would be required back to this website:

Its very simple to find your content being used on the internet, simply search for the image using the data imprinted in your image – digitally in the EXIF and do a reverse image search via google.

In the past our images have been used by many Facebook and Instagram accounts, various companies and businesses within the UK and locally too, most people are fine and either remove the image or link back to us.

After this, if our request goes unchanged we will then go down the legal route.

Harsh as it maybe, all you need to do is simply ask to use our content.



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