Wow that actually rhymes!. “Canvas Prints and More from the Cornish Connect e-Store”

Well after what seems an eternity in trying different methods of showcasing my work thats available to sell, be it here, eBay, Facebook, SmugMug, etsy, Imagely etc, it would appear the best place was here in the first place, I had always thought a subdomain or online web shop would have been easier for you all to find, I was wrong!. Anyway last evening I started adding some canvases to my online shop (Links at the top of the page or by clicking here will divert you).

The canvases went up in price this year and thats not because of me, instead the printing lab I use, another sign of Brexit looming I guess!. Still the price of £69.95 per 30×20″ / 20×30″ canvas is still cheaper than Truprint who charged a customer of ours £120 for the printing alone, and its not anything special neither!, the canvases I get done are mounted on a 1″ wooden frame and each one we have had done simply look stunning, full of colour and detail, if we had the wall space I would buy a load for us alone, still for the time being thats the best we can offer including postage too.

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