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23.5 Hours Awake – I Pulled an All Nighter

Photoshop Textures Pack from Plymouth UK for sale V1

My sleep pattern has and looks like at the time of writing this post still not fully perfect, I stayed awake from 5pm Monday until 4.30pm Tuesday (Yesterday) in this time I went for a photo walk across the City from home in Mount Gould to the Train Station and then onto The Barbican and then The Maritime Inn for two much needed coffees.

These are some photos I took along the way.

TEXTURE OVERLAYS - Pack - Expertly Designed Digital Photography Backdrops for Photoshop
Texture for new digital stock

I was after textures, and these five made the whole walk that much more worth it.

TEXTURE OVERLAYS - Pack - Expertly Designed Digital Photography Backdrops for Photoshop
TEXTURE OVERLAYS - Pack - Expertly Designed Digital Photography Backdrops for Photoshop
TEXTURE OVERLAYS - Pack - Expertly Designed Digital Photography Backdrops for Photoshop
TEXTURE OVERLAYS - Pack - Expertly Designed Digital Photography Backdrops for Photoshop

But why was I after photos of textures I hear you ask, well the idea is to sell the photos to the various stock agencies I belong too and to also allow them for purchase here at Cornish Connect and also on my Etsy shop, as it would seem this type of product be it digital is in very high demand for designers, editors and photographers who need such photo stock.

Best of all the images were all taken yesterday, so its my latest batch of images and they are all in full resolution of at least 3000px on the wide side making them great for the people that are likely to want to buy them.

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TMD Hosting, The Best Webhost By Far

Over the years we have used them all, but we have found out the hard way, when you really need customer support and any issue we cannot rectify ourselves and you need the technical task done quickly, by far the best host and ony host we recommend is TMD Hosting.

Although TMD Hosting is based in America, they do have European data centres which are lightening fast, were not going to mention any other web host as no one comes close, when you need realiability and someone there for you when support is needed anytime of the day or night, TMD Hosting are the people to go to.

Regardless of the questions asked, we never ever felt anything other than respected customers, other web hosts took hours or even days to respond but not with TMD Hosting.

(The links here to TMD Hosting are affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy through our recommended link, we get a small percentage of the sale, with no extra expense to you).

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Church Website Design Service

Wordpress Based Church Website Design in Devon and Cornwall UK

Lets get your Church Website or place of Worship online asap

Are you a Church looking to get yourselves online? Would you love to have your very own or .com website that your Church family can sign in and chat with each other, share photos of events happening inside the Church itself, keep worshippers updated with who the next preacher is, syncing that data with Google calendar etc and more or less? if so, we have a great solution for you. We will build from scratch your very own Church Website, designed and hosted by us, based upon your own preferred colours, logos and fonts etc

Millbrook Methodist Church (Old design)

Heck you don’t even need a computer or an active internet connection to have a Church website

We are more than happy to carry out any website updates on your behalf, simply send us your latest information, photos, video etc and we will do the work this end for you, we will also send you an email once the work has been completed.

Our prices are very fair, we hope you will agree.

4 Page Website

Contact form

Calendar Service that syncs with Google Calendar

12 Months Web Hosting

Free Domain Name

Optional Blog

Just – £399

Stoke Christian Centre Website

Thats our basic price, of course as a media and design business we offer lots of extras

Photography including interior, exterior and from above – Drone photos and Video

Logo design

Professional email service

Video recording of services

We are very open to any suggestions or custom requests you may have, if you would like to ask us something, please send us a message, you can email us regarding church website design by clicking here.

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Brixham Christmas Lights

Brixham Christmas Lights

Ive been trying to find my old photos of Mousehole Christmas Lights especially as its the 40th Anniversary since the loss of the lifeboat. But just could not find them, they must be on the server somewhere, anyway what I did come across was some from Brixham and their Christmas Lights a few years a go.

if I dont come across the originals from Mousehole Christmas lights, I will be sure to go down there next year to snap some new ones.

I hope you enjoy them, I was leaning against a bin at the time, (forgot my tripod).

Brixham Christmas Lights