Award Winning Cornish Photographer

Photography is my passion!

My previous experience includes press and commercial photography, mostly publication but also helping local charities and projects locally. 

Penzance is my Hometown and Plymouth is my Home, I live here in Stoke Village with family. 

I am more a reportage style photographer, I capture photos and scenes are they actually were, I do very little post processing, I aim to get everything right in camera. 

Long have the days gone where I would publish my latest images everywhere online, whilst I do shoot landscapes for myself, my followers request’s and to sell via canvas and digital photo stock, I don’t have the energy to post to every social media channel, for me if it’s nice outside then thats where Id rather be, I spend enough time using the computer plus I am a powerseller on eBay so time is precious.  As us Brits say it’s a very long winter. 

Did you know, we create websites also?

On average 99% of the websites we create is built on WordPress (yep this one also), I have personally been using it now for 4 years and its what I am most comfortable with. 

Our websites are affordable too, just £150 a year.

The Cornishman based in Devon

What’s that all about then? Well my mum is a Methodist Minister, we’ve been up here for 8 years now, and whilst we pop down to West Cornwall to see family and visit the dentist’s, Plymouth is where we prefer to be. There is plenty going on in this Devon City.